Independent tests commissioned by Tadiran showed that TADIRAN AIROW 1TM technology eliminated known aerosolized pathogens under optimal testing conditions. To learn more about the
tests, visit https://www.tadiran-international.com/scientific-testing.

¹ TADIRAN AIROW 1 reduced detected SARS-COV-2 aerosol levels by 99.998% within 1 ½ hour (1 cubic meter test chamber).² TADIRAN AIROW 1 reduced MS2 levels by 99.98% in 1½ hours (1 cubic meter test chamber). ³ TADIRAN AIROW 1 reduced Staphylococcus Epidermidis by 99.9% in 1½ hours (1 cubic meter test chamber). ⁴ TADIRAN AIROW 1 reduced levels of Aspergillus Niger by 98.93% in 2 hours (1 cubic meter test chamber). ⁵ Only qualified and licensed HVAC technicians may install this device. ⁶ TADIRAN AIROW shows no significant change in VOC concentration tested in a conference room approximately 380 sq ft. 7 ⁷ TADIRAN AIROW Is verified as zero ozone. Meets UL 2998, does not emit more than 0.005PPM as tested per UL 867. Tadiran does not claim that the Tadiran AIROW will ensure consumers using the device will not contract biological pathogens. Consumers should continue to follow guidance from governmental health organizations and certified health professionals about preventative measures. ⁸ TADIRAN AIROW 3 reduced detected Virus MS2 bacteriophage (known as SARS-CoV-2 surrogate) and detected Bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis aerosol levels by 99.994% within 1 hour (1 cubic meter test chamber).